Breakout Presenters

Bettina Friedrich

Dr. Bettina Friedrich, PhD, is an Academic Researcher at the Brain and Mind Research Institute at the University of Sydney in Australia. She received her Diploma in Psychology and Musicology at the University of the Saarland and then worked at the Psychiatric Hospital of the Sonnenberg Clinics in Germany. She was awarded a fulltime scholarship from the European Commission to complete a PhD at the Department of Psychology at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She then moved to California to work as postdoctoral researcher at UCSD and the VA Hospital in San Diego. During her time in California, Dr. Friedrich also did some volunteering work for the San Francisco based mental  health campaign “No Health Without Mental Health”,  for which she is still on the Board of Advisors. She then worked at the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London where she was coordinating two mayor projects for the evaluation of “Time to Change”, the English national mental health campaign. She worked then as Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Wuerzburg (Germany) where she investigated how media can be used for effective health communication. In that time she also taught Media Psychology. She was awarded two research scholarships during her appointment. In addition to her academic career, Dr Friedrich has also practical experiences working as journalist and she is founder and editor of the Newsletter for the Global Alliance Against Stigma. Dr. Friedrich can be reached at Bettina (dot) Friedrich (at) google (dot) com